Friday, August 3, 2012

Good Riddance: Annan to leave envoy post

So Mr Annan will not renew his mandate on Syria that will expire at the end of the month. According to the BBC "In a news conference, he said the Syrian people "desperately need action" but criticised the UN Security Council for "finger-pointing and name-calling".

Great discovery. It took him six months to discover this, more than three and a half month to realize that his peace plan had not materialized (due mid-April) and would never materialize.

The regrets about his leaving by Putin (sic), that useless UN SG Ban Ki Moon, the Syrian foreign minister, UN Russian and American ambassadors mean nothing since these people are the most guilty for the situation in Syria.

Staying in his post for so long gave the opportunity to the Syrian regime to increase repression, killing more civilians, ignoring the aspirations of the Syrian people to end a 41 year family regime. The stupidity of the UN observers' mission to Syria, 300 people for 185,000 km2 (one per 600km2!) was another window dressing exercise that simply enabled Assad to increase repression. Not to talk about the risible EU sanctions towards Syria and the main representatives of its regime.

Annan should have resigned long ago, should have opposed the observers' mission, and, for a change should have had some dignity.

No wonder the Syrian people did not regret his departure, they who fight dictatorship and die for their freedom.

When Annan was appointed special envoy, I jumped but kept silent since miracles happen. I had no illusion but decided to wait and see. And what I expected happened, Annan acted as a diplomat, "brilliant diplomat and honest man" said Putin. This is enough to say that Annan, as usual, took good care of his image and reputation but failed in his mission.

I have known him since the mid-seventies and, apart once, I was never impressed by him. The one time was when he went to Iraq to prevent US bombing. We thought that he had succeeded and we, UN staff, greeted his (and his suave wife) in New York upon his return from Bagdad. But it did not work for long ...just gave more time to the US to prepare the war.

I will never forget that he had undermined the authority of the UN by letting many countries infiltrate so called gratis personnelf (all from their intelligence) in his department of peace keeping operations just not to refuse more mandates when he knew he did not have the resources to fulfil them; nor that he had sold that Department to France, a permanent member of the Security Council, to be elected UN SG in 1996; nor the fact that in spite of his statement that he would not seek re-election, he gladly "accepted" a second term; nor the way he dumped, literally, his very long standing assistant and advisor, E. L. for placing someone useful to his re-election in his cabinet; nor how he dumped a long standing high level official who had served him in difficult situation, B.S., for alleged corruption in the Oil for Food program ( 35 million dollars expenditures by the Volker Commission to find out that someone had not well justified 150,000$ income).

A too good diplomat to be efficient. Very successful since he kept a good reputation selling his soul to the main powers. A disaster for the UN, his ten year tenure was a good base for the current useless successor who continues in the mission to destroy what good is left of the UN.

Putin, Lavrov, Hu Jintao, Assad and Kofi Annan have the direct responsibility for the blood of the tens of thousands civilians and soldiers who fight the Syrian dictator. But the Arab leaders, France and the UK and USA are not less guilty.

Kofi Annan gave an opportunity to Russia, China and Assad to hide their cruelty and disregard for freedom behind his diplomacy. Let us hope that his belated departure will bring real change.

Friday, July 27, 2012

I am ashamed of being a former UN staff

For more than 35 years I was proud of being a UN staff.

For many years later I was proud of being a former UN staff, although it was getting more and more difficult to be so.

Now, when I see what is going on in Syria, after the massacres in Bosnia, Rwand, Iraq, Palestine and I see the smile of the one I consider the most guilty of the loss of the credibility and influence of the UN, Kofi Annan, while thousand of civilians are killed and massacred in Syria,

                       I AM ASHAMED OF BEING A FORMER UN STAFF

And I am sorry for the hundreds I have personaly known and thousand I know still work there with dedication, putting their lives in danger,  being disregharded by some diplomats in the interests of a couple of countries.

It's time to close the UN and to wipe out the names of Kofi Annan and Ban Ki Moon (and their close entourage) from our memories.

Ban Ki Moon - Go to Syria

So, the clown Ban Ki Moon, the puppet in the hands of Moscow and Bejing, following the example of his predecessors who allowed exterminations of civilians in Rwanda, Congo, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Cambodia and Liberia, is too busy carrying the Olympic Flame in London  among idiotic people applauding instead of going to Damascus and Alep to stop carnage.

Time to go home, with your stupid smile and your inept immer circle, Mr. Ban Ki Moon. You are ba ar the wprst UNSG we ever had.

And hopefully one day we will know how mych such mascarade did cost to the poor UN finances.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Berlusconi was used to carry girls (and more) on the State planes. More or less secretively.

It has just been discovered that, disguised as a priest with black gown, he was an illegal passenger in Pope's plane flying to Latin America.

From there, with a private plane (to save money he travelled on the return flight of cocaine smugglers who had just delivered it to the Pope's assistants who needed some strength for the tiring trip), he flew to Brazil where he...became a transsexual. He then went to Cuba, disguised as a nun with a blond wig, to join again the Pope's party to return to Iyaly....

In Italy, he left his party group in the Parliament, to join the independents as a woman and gays and  transsexual rights activist.

Why all this ? Because Napolitano has just suggested that his successor be a woman. Berlusconi always wanted to be the next president so he will be a president, half man and half woman, before the successor a 100% woman.

Gender revolution is great but it must be done step by step.....

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thank you Donald Duck

So Donald (Tusk) Duck, the Polish Prime Minister, refosed to meet with Mr. Hollande, the likely future French President.

This follows refusals by Ms Merkel, Mr, Monti, Mr, Cameron and Mr. Rajoy.

A German magazine, normally well informed, Der Spiegel, disclosed that the European conservative leaders had agreed to boycott Mr. Hollande too araid of losing that idiot of Sarkozy, a poor and not humble slave of Ms. Merkel.

That was of course formally denied. Nobody did believe it but...But when Donald Duck did the same, idiot as usual, the facts were confermed.

They are idoits. Because nobody would accept foreign countries to interfere with national elections. Especially the French. Som pleas Donald Duck and others continue like that. Let help us to get rid of that idiot of Sarkozy.

Genocide: 15 Palestinins killed

A drop by drop killing of a population, including kids and elderly, over years is a genocide. There is no other word. It was a genocide killing millions of Jews, Roms and others, it is a genocide what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people.

But we are so used to dozens of Palestinians killed by Tsaal, that we do no longer notice it. You have full pages of newspapers talking about a car accident killing a family but only a few lines, if any, about the killing of Palestinians.

So, as of today, I will record here tyhe number of Palestinians killed by Israel on a daily basis. Because Tsaal and Netanyahu and the Israeli government are guilty of genocide and must be judged by the International Court of Justice.

This does not mean being a racist, this is simply Justice. Why would Bashar El Assad be worse than Nethanyahu.

                           Nb of Palestinians killed     Of which nb of children killed
10 March 2012 :               15
11 March 2012:                  3                                            1 (12 years old)

Total in ten days :            18

Sunday, February 26, 2012

And it happened: Berlusconi was not condemned

So you have a crime that was ascertained: a rich man had bribed a witness to influence his depositions. The person bribed was condemned. The corrupter was not.
The condemned one was one of Berlusconi's lawyers. The corrupter was Berlusconi.
The Tribunal had the choice of acquitting Berlusconi or of declaring that the terms for judging the crime had expired.
The Tribunal chose the second option an indirect way to declare that it had found Berlusconi guilty but could not condemn him due to the terms that had expired. Why so ? because of the laws Berlusconi had promulgated to reduce the terms for judging certain crimes and because his lawyers successfully managed to delay the proceedings.

But Belrusconi was found guilty ! He escaped once more but we will get him with other pending trials.


Saturday, February 25, 2012


About 15 years ago I discovered with amazement that in the USA it was a "crime" to breast feed in public. I think that it is only 15 years ago that a law had to be approved in NY State declaring that breast feeding was not obscene. At around that time a grand ma had been arrested and fine by NY Police because her 4 year old grandson was peeing in the Park.
Now a read about the oDESK, the FACEBOOK publishing policy. And I read about what happened to an Italian who, to illustrate his post, had posted the picture of a black woman breast feeding a white  child. That post and picture were suppressed by Facebook and the user's profile had been suspended.
I remember the "scandal" of an ad by Benetton where with black hands over the nude breast of a white woman.
Nothing would have happened had they been black hands on a black nude breast or white hands on a white nude breast. But mixing races was not acceptable in Italy.
Was Facebook bigotry due to the different skin color of the baby and woman, or to the nude breast or both ? Whatever, idiots they are and idiots they remain.
What is even more idiotic is that the baby was clearly not white but a black albino. But this is too difficult to understand for idiots.


Beware, you must be gay. At least following the logic of M. Giovanardi, a former Minister of Berlusconi (in charge of family affairs !), a good catholic who migrated from the Christian democratic party to Berlusconi.

His main concern as a politician was to fight the gays. So, recently, he stated that two women who kiss in public is like peeing in the street....So if you ever did poe in the street, may be you are.....

As a smart Italian blogger wrote. kissing and peeing havwe the same effect : they excite the penis.
Thak you Mr. Giovanardi for making us laugh in these sad times.....


Once again today, Berlusconi will be acquitted for witness corruption charges.

A British lawyer, M. Mills, was already condemned for being bribed by Berlusconi for making false declarations. In other words, Berlusconi was already found guilty, indirectly.

He could not be judged at the same time as his lawyer, because of the many laws in his favor he made his Parliament approve, like in any Banana Republic. But now the trial arrives to an end.

The judgement is expected today. And it will be acquittal because the terms have expired, not because he is not guilty.

The terms have expired because of the laws he made the Parliament approve to shorten the terms and to declassify the crime of corruption. All laws in his favor only.

In other civilized countries, the terms expire if no trial has commenced. Once the trial has started, the terms do not expiry. Not in Italy. So if you are a politician or if you are rich, you can manage to pay good lawyers who know how to delay the judgement until the terms have expired.

B (like Banana or Berlusconi) republic.

What Berlusconi fears, however, is that the Tribunal will acquit him with a statement to the effect that although guilty he cannot be condemned due to the terms that have expired. He is scared to death and has kept issuing all kind of declarations these days.

Because there are other trials going on and this one can be the first of many where the judges state that he is guilty.

Let us see what will happen.....


Saturday, February 18, 2012


Two teens, 15 years old, are discovered making sex in the school's toilets.
They must be punished, of course.
So here start the discrimination: if it were to give them money, of course the boy would have got more money than the girl. But it was to give them a punishment.
So he was supended for one day, she was suspended for four days.
The reason ? they were making sex in the boys' toilets.....
Did this happen in the USA, Pakistan, an Arab country?

Nope. This was in Italy, in Bassano del Grappa, at the Einaudi school.

Idiots are really everywhere and this is how they pretebnd to educate seems that they do not want to follow Berlusconi's example !

Thursday, February 16, 2012

About corruption

"Illegality, corruption and crooks are still very much a reality in the country" stated yesterday the Italian GAO President Giampaolino. And this 20 years after the scandal of Mani Pulite (clean hands) exploded and Craxi, then Prime Minister, Berlusconi's protector, had to leave Italy in voluntary exile in Tunisia, after stating that what he had done was the norm.

Until he died, Craxi was protected by Ben Ali, the well reputed Tunisian President.  In a prior blog  I described the attitude of former Berlusconi's under-secretary for Foreign Affairs who had praised Ben Ali while he was being kicked out by the Tunisians: her name was Stefania Craxi, the daughter of the CROOK by excellence.

The same day the GAO President makes public his concerns, she does not find anything better than to state that the "Clean Hands" investigations that brought to light the extensive corruption of the Political class in Italy, in fact created major damages to the country leading to a "civic and moral decay" of Italy.

She really has no shame, possibly because she regrets not having had the possibility of getting as rich as her father through corruption. And she was a distinguished representative of Berlusconi's government...

Friday, February 10, 2012


Thousands of Syrians are being killed by Bashar el-Assad army with Russian weapons.

UNICEF estimates at 400 the children killed this past month.

Torture, also to kids, is common, possibly done following the training given by Russian instructors.

But Russia and China oppose any UN resolution on Syria. Of course they do it because they cannot imagine internal opposition. But also their leaders are afraid for their own power.

Putin and Hu Jintao are as guilty as el.Assad. They are criminals, so are Medvedev and Lavrov. Without their support, el.Assad would have already been overthrown.

They should be indicted for murders and crimes against humanity.

The only positive thing is that Arab masses now understand who they are and that by helping killing thousands of Syrians, they just accelerate the decline of their influence on the Mediterranean, Arab and African areas.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Football. They continue to call it sport, in spite of supporters killed in riots, doping, corruption scandals, disgustingly high level salaries, bankruptcies due to the inability of so called managers, The latest death of almost 89 people in Egypt is simply an additional example of what football is.

But, thanks to an Egyptian Salafist Imam, I became a football supporter. The Cheick Abdul Monein al-Shahat from Alnur near Alexandria stated that football is forbidden by Islam (another thing forbidden...) because the people who died were not engaged on the way of God. They were just having fun, and this distracts the Muslims from loving God. According to him, only three sports are allowed by Islam: swimming, horse riding and javelin throwing.

He made such declaration just during the African Cup: will Muslim players withdraw? And Muslim countries withdraw their teams? Let us see.

Sad that such people are given credit and listened to. True that if you listen to the Tea Party, it is not much better in the USA. Not to talk about the Republican presidential candidates. The world is getting every day more shitty thanks to religions, sad to say.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


All Italians knew that there would be a storm that would hit the South of Italy after hitting hard the North. All but a few in Rome who do not seem to read the weather forecasts.

So Rome, as usual, was a mess, people got stuck, and the Municipality did not do anything.

The Mayor, Alemanno, a fascist married with the daughter of a nasty post war fascist, Rauti, discovered that it had been snowing for the past 12 hours....No salt for the roads, no blades, no nothing.

So remnant of his idol, Mussolini, who distributed shovels to stupid Italians going to civilize Ethiopia, he did not find any other solution to the crisis than distributing 4000 shovels to the Romans so that they could dig by themselves....

To be a post-war fascist is already showing that one is an idiot. But this time Alemanno went beyond any expectation of stupidity.

He dreams to be re-elected mayor. His ally Berlusconi dreams to become Italian President.

Two dangerous idiots..........


Saturday, January 21, 2012


Andrew Adler, owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Time wrote in a recent editorial:

"Three, give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States' policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.
Yes, you read "three" correctly. Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel's existence. Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don't you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel's most inner circles?"

The other two options to protect Israel from Hamas and Hezbollah would be: 1. attack Hezbollah and Hamas; 2. "order the destruction of Iran's nuclear facilities at all costs;"

Who is a terrorist? Some Jewish extremists such as Andrew Adler or Mahmoud Abbas?

Take an Adler, add a Gingrich and we are in a real shit. In a way, better for the USA to be isolationists and drop Europe and Israel and the Middle East. The world will be safer.


Ok, if you are a poor child, "you have no habits of working and nobody around (you) who works".

Poor children "“ have no habit of showing up on Monday and staying all day or the concept of ’I do this and you give me cash,’ unless it’s illegal,” Gingrich said. *

 So let them be the janitors after school.

Gingrich forgets that in this way other children will become poorer because the janitors are already poor people badly paid.

We had enough of the other compassionate Christian, JW. Imagine another one.....

Let us see what happens today in South Carolina. He may still get it. But let him continue this way, more chances to keep Obama as President.

* ABC News, dec 1, 2011

Thursday, January 19, 2012


The many connections of Berlusconi with Mafiosi are well known, including with people already condemned for mafia crimes or support.
The myth that Mafia and Co is only in the South of Italy, claimed by the PDL, Berlusconi’s party, and the Northern League is dismissed daily by arrests, indictments etc. in norhern cities controlled by the Bossi/Berlusconi  right wing coalition.
The support for Mafia indicted by these two leaders and parties was confirmed last week with their refusal to allow the arrest requested by the judges of Mr. Cosentino, indicted for Mafia for the third time, former vice-minister in Berlusconi’s last government and current formal leader of the PDL in the Campania region.
Yesterday another confirmation of such support.
Roberto Saviano, the author who so eloquently described how the Ndrangheta (Naples’ mafia) operates and who is now obliged to be protected by the police, was being given the honorary citizenship of Milan, a decision taken by the former Mayor, Moratti who was the major of the PDL and the Northern league.
And the Northern League and the PDL deserted the ceremony…
SHAME ON CARLO MASSEROLI, PDL Pdl leader at Milan city council and on DAVIDE BONI, Northern Leagues president of the Lombardy Regional Assembly.

How can Italy get rid of Mafia with such supporters of criminals ?

Pictures: Masseroli and Boni. from : ;

Monday, January 16, 2012

Idiots XXIV : dangerous idiot I°

Newspapers invent everything when they write about Hungary. They say that there is crisis, that they will soon be in default, that they do not know how to handle the economy. If you read the International Press you imagine that the Government is fully occupied in resolving the crisis.

This is all propaganda by jealous atheists.

Everything is fine, so fine that the Government can address more urgent issues: the future of Hungarian canine breeds.

The Government in fact recently introduced a tax on dogs. Nothing special, many countries starting from Switzerland, have one. But...

The owners of dogs of Hungarian breed, with a certified pedigree, will be exempted from paying the tax. Charity starts at home. May be however it is just a measure to face the crisis: since soon Hungarians will have no money to buy food, they may start eating dogs so that they save on taxes and dog food. They may refrain from doing so if they pay no taxes on Hungarian dogs, so the bright Orbàn tries to protect them.

We did not need this info to know that Orbàn is an idiot. This is just a confirmation. No wonder Berlusconi loves him


Idiots XXIII : Hugo

An idiot is an idiot is an idiot, be it someone who selfdeclares to be on the left or on the right, be it a Muslim or a Jew, be it an American or a Chinese....
A few days ago, it was announced that the Argentinian President, Kristina Kirchner, had a cancer.
Chavez, Kirchner, Paraguay's Fernando Lugo, Brazil's Dilma Rousseff and former Brazilian leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva have all been diagnosed recently with cancer. All of them are leftists.
So the brilliant Hugo Chavez wondered whether it was not all the fault of the Americans who would have developed a technology to induce cancer to leftists presidents.
Chavez started well, a few years ago but his brain seems to have collapsed over the recent past.
An idiot is an idiot and Chavez is one of them....