Monday, May 5, 2008

Italian Fascists and Israel

Italian fascists prosecuted jews.

Racial laws forced eminent Italians, jews, to leave the country (including a few Nobel pices).

Fascists co-operated with nazis for the deportation of jews, and partisans, and soldiers refusing to fight with Germans, and intellectuals, and..and...and...

A former leader of the Italian neo-fascist party - MSI- is now, Berlusconi's gift, speaker of the House. And, like many former Italian fascists, he is now the "best friend of Israel". Can one believe it ?

The other day a group of Italian neo-fascists killed an Italian who had refused to give them a cigarette. The criminals were not Black, nor Romanians, were not Arabs. They were good Italians.

And Mr. Fini, the house speaker, trying to hide the fascist responsibilities, makes a statement saying that it was worse to burn - as it recently happened in Turin - Israeli flags than to kill a poor guy. A mean and unreal attempt to justify neofascists in Italy. And he pretends not to be a fascist any longer.

Americans, and Brits, and Canadians and French and Polish whose kids died in Italy fighting nazis and their Italian fascist allies should not get fooled: Berlusconi's government is fascist, Fini has not changed, democracy is in danger.

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