Monday, July 14, 2008

A G8 what for ?

So, another G8 for nothing, or better to worsen the situation. Before the G8, the target was to reduce by 50% the emission of “global greenhouse gas” of 1990, i.e. by 20 million metric tons. After the G8 the target is to reduce the emissions of 2008, i.e. by 30 million metric tons. And this, courtesy of the USA, Canada and Japan, by 2050 with no intermediate targets.

Did we need to waste taxpayers money in travels, receptions etc, increasing pollution thanks to the planes and security and cars used for the summit, just to go backwards ? And the good old Bush tradition of lying was adopted by the G8: this “result” was advertised as a progress!

Reading the news, the Italian TV for example, one got the impression that India, China, Brazil. Mexico and South Africa were opposed to establishing such a target. Not true. They agreed to a long term objective but also wanted the G8 members, responsible for the current situation, to commit to reduce their emissions by 25 to 40% by 2025. Unreasonable the developing countries or the usual lies by the G8 members ?

Something positive ? yes apparently, the USA finally agreed that the emissions of “global greenhouse gas” is problematic. Better late than never although it is probably too late.

Source : Maurizio Ricci, La Repubblica 10 July 2008

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