Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obsessed by Berlusconi ?

Reading this blog, if anybody ever reads it which is doubtful, one may think that I am obsessed by Berlusconi.

True I am biased, true I dislike him even more than G.W and Sarkozy, but I do recognize his (few) achievements.

One is the garbage emergency in Naples. It lasts since 12 years I think, Berlusconi’s previous governments could not solve it, neither the “left”: the major, the Region’s president, and the Prodi’s government. The left had all the power and failed. The doggy smiles of Prodi ( he makes me think at a basset hound and he shows the same energy) and his paternalistic self-complimenting speeches could not solve anything.

And Berlusconi arrives, promises to clean Naples, and, apparently he succeeds. How is- it possible ? why did he succeed in a few months and Prodi & Co failed in two years ?

In any case, Berlusconi did it. So far. Chapeau ! It just makes me sick and confirms how little Prodi understood of Italy, looking exclusively at big financial issues and incapable of addressing people’s real or perceived concerns. No wonder they lost the elections.

We need however to see how Berlusconi succeeded. There is unanimity in saying that the issue of Naples’ garbage was related to the local Mafia, the n’drangheta. It would be interesting to ifnd out how Berlusconi managed to deal with them. I do not say that there was an agreement between Berlusconi and the n’drangheta.. But knowing the links of Berlusconi’s party, and of himself, with Sicilian Mafia, one may wonder.

I do not applaud Berlusconi, I take note he did it. And I think that Prodi and the former environment minister, a green, should be ashamed.

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