Monday, July 14, 2008

Security First

One of the main arguments that brought Berlusconi again to power was “security”. A traditional subject used by the right and exploited to an unbelievable point by Berlusconi’s allies, former and current fascists.

The Italian economy is collapsing, taxes were not reduced as promised (one was canceled but the money will come from other sources, still from taxes), but promises are made to the Vatican to finance the catholic schools, and the first urgent laws the new Government presented concerned the security: against illegal immigrants, against Roms (including finger printing of kids….), against “legal actions against the 4 highest ranking officials in the State, the President, the Prime Minister, the Speakers of the two houses” and to suspend legal proceedings for crimes not affecting the “security”.

Guess what, both these “special commas” have nothing to do with the security of Italians, but with the legal proceeding initiated since years against Berlusconi. And in particular one, for corruption of judges. Imagine, a Prime Minister soon to be condemned for corrupting judges : and it is not Zimbabwe…it is Italy, it is not Mugabe, it is Berlusconi. In fact the proceedings concerning this crime have progressed to the point and in such a way that it is expected and likely that this time Berlusconi will be condemned. Thus the urgency. And people take it.

What is the most distressing is to see how the allies of Berlusconi, and members of his party, act or better do not react. They are like zombies, no dignity, no nothing. Only interest : keep their well paid job.

And what is even more distressing is that the popularity of Berlusconi is growing while people reduce spending, do not go on vacation, cannot pay their rents, the Italian Central Bank publishes negative economic forecasts, inflation is increasing. At least the Romans gave people “panem and circenses” (bread and games) to make them stand the situation. Now Berlusconi gives people illusion of security, his own, but they do not realize it….and they are happy. Damn it, is democracy still a valid option with people narcotized by stupid TVs ?

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