Saturday, July 5, 2008

Towards a schism in the Italian catholic church ?

Berusconi’s specialty are laws “ad-personam” (made to fit one person, i.e. him and sometimes his laqués. And he always find stupid people who vote for them just to keep their position in Parliament…

Recently, he paid a very publicized visit to the Pope: pictures all over, the opening in the news of private (i.e. his) and public (i.e. controlled by him) TVs, articles of praise in the press aligned to the government.

And the Pope praising him for the new (according to the Pope) friendly “political” climate in Italy, hoping to get money back…( Berlusconi made a law exonerating the Church and religious institution from paying taxes….and now he promised to finance the private schools, i.e. the Church controlled schools).

Berlusconi was seeing flying back to his Palace, from the Pontifex Palaces, on a cloud…..

So he, the strongest ally of the Church in the defence of Family values…., thought that it was time for the Pope himself to make a law “ad personam”, i.e. to grant the opportunity of receiving the Holy Communion also to people who had divorced ( himself and the other two leaders of his coalition, Bossi and Fini, themselves defenders of family values, have divorced).

But the Pope refused ! only those whose soul is pure can receive the Holy Communion he stated (i.e. Berlusconi does not have a pure soul and for a change we agree with the Pope).

So, what to do ? several scenarios: give more money to the Church and get a “personal” permission to get a holy communion (Luterus Luterus Luterus, does it ring a bell ?), to continue suffering in his soul (for the body he has the young girls he is often seen with who ensure that he does not suffer too much) or to follow a famous precedent: like in England, create an Italian Church with the Prime Minister as its head. The Brits have the Anglican church, the Italians will have the Berlusoni’s, oops pardon me, the Italian church.


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