Friday, August 1, 2008

Olmert vs. Berlusconi (not to forget Netanyahu) [or ethics Italian style II]

They are both Prime Ministers.

One of a difficult country, at war (for its own choice), with a lot of internal problems among communities, in a political turmoil since years and with a little mafia...

The other one of a difficult country that managed to survive crazy politics for almost 50 years, demonstrating that it can survive without governments, faced with xenophobia entertained by the right,. Not facing the Mafia and its interlinks with politics.

Both face scandals, mainly for corruption.

Olmert resigns.

Berlusconi ,close to judgment expected to be negative for him, makes his lacquès voting two laws to protect the four highest ranking political officials from prosecution (why four and not three ? because he is number 4 of course!) and to stop legal proceedings for corruption among others (sic) to give priority to so called emergency trials related to security.

Two countries, two PMs, two ethics. True in Italy all pigs are equal but one is more equal than the others.

But there is something similar between Israel and Italy: the Israeli voters seem ready to bring back Netanyahu whose performance was not necessarily good. Italian voters brought back Berlusconi for the third time too….Is democracy still working?

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