Friday, August 8, 2008

The TRUTH (idiots III)

The Truth by Tiepolo

The Truth by Berlusconi

My mother used to tell us a lot of funny stories about her life and happy childhood in Marseille. Many related to the school, a private girls nuns’ school, the best of course, Le Sacre Coeur. She loved talking about her art teacher, an old Italian priest. Books were given

by the school, including art books. Ant these were given with stickers to hide the “pudenda”, those things young girls should not see…..The first thing they did of course, in the 20s, was to remove them.

During my 11 years in New York, I collected many anecdotes about the fear of sex of the Americans. One above all as an example: the father of a 4 year old girl in Pennsylvania who had asked (and obtained!) that the school bus route she took be changed. It was passing by a garden where a copy stood (I guess plastic, may-be with neon inside, deep America taste….) of the David of Donatello and the daughter was disturbed by that. Possibly because the guy’s attributes compared very unfavorably with those of David.

Recently I laughed when I read that a museum in London had exposed the fig leaf that had been sculpted to cover the attributes of the original David, in Florence for the visit there of Queen Victoria.

But I must admit that Berlusconi took me by surprise: he is great, no doubt.

He had chosen a fresco of Tiepolo, the Truth unveiled by Time, to be as scenery for his press conferences. Problem however: the beautiful breast of Truth was just at the right of his face on the TV screens. So what to do? As simple as for the Sistine Chapel or for Queen Victoria: hide the breast. And so it was done. Believe it or not, in 2008, by the guy who’s TVs show day and night young ladies showing their asses and breasts right and left.

One may think that Berlusconi was afraid people would compare his old dog ass face with that of a beautiful breast. Others may think that he was afraid people would be distracted by the breast and not listen to his truths. Most likely, since his truths are always half truths, he could not stand the necked truth. Great Berlusconi, the greatest clown on earth.


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