Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Grande, Grandissimo

These days one can read quite often the same question in the Press: was G.W. the worst President the US ever had? When one sees his legacy, the unanimous answer will probably be yes: not only screwed up the world peace but even the world economy.

Unanimously? Not really. He will still have an admirer: Berlusconi. During his speech at the White House on Columbus Day, he stated in fact that G.W. will be remembered as a “grande (great), grandissimo(very very great)” President.

True that G.W. always treated Berlusconi very well, one wonders why but. And probably Berlusconi, for whom European leaders have little consideration, is so grateful to him for that.

And surely G.W. is pleased to be considered as well as Mr. Putin, the other hero of Berlusconi.

Poor Italy!

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