Monday, March 9, 2009

Sudan and democratic countries

Photo : Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir

So, the Arab League condemned the indictment of Bashir of Sudan. But what is the Arab League ? 22 countries as follows : Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Lybia, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Kuwait, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrein, Mauritania, Somalia, PLO, Djibuti, Comoros. Out of them, only Djibouti is member of the International Criminal Court.

Try to find a democratic country among them....Lebanon may-be.

So what a surprise that they defend Bashir, one of them.

Then the Afican Union, also potested: only 30 African countries out of 50 are members of the ICC. And too many presidents are life presidents. Few African countries have real democracy. So the African Union had to defend Bashir: who knows who may be the next ? likely an African "leader"but which one ? They complain that the ICC is targeting Africa. Apart from the fact that this is not true, why not ? The African contient is the one with the largest numbers of dictators....and fake democracies.

Icing on the cake, China called the UN Security Council to suspend the ICC indictment. Russia in not against this initiative. But the US, strong opposers of the ICC, suddeenly support it.... Worth recalling that neither China, nor the US nor Russia are members of the ICC, but permanent members of the Security Council. As stated some months agon on this blog, what credibility can have the UN with such a Security Council, one of the last leftovers of the second world war.

China is well known for its democracy: and its need of oil is their way to measure civil rights. Support Tibet and you are an imperialist. Support the ICC and you are an imperialist anti-democratic and possibly racist.

I do not know what is more shameful: the Arab League, the African Union, China. But it is clear, if anybody had any doubt, that none of them has any moral credibility and that ,member states of the AU or AL who have not opposed the statements of their associations,do not deserve any consideration as civilized countries.

One should not forget it when the Durban 2 conference will meet in Geneva.


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