Sunday, May 3, 2009

Berlusconi versus Obama

Two days ago, Berlusconi stated that he has a 75% rate of popularity while Obama has only 56%.

True ! and sad!

I have been very silent again on my blog due to the depression looking at the Italian situation. Indeed, I have to admit that Berlusconi is the winner, and for long time to come will be here (unless natural causes deprive his beloved country from his presence).

The experience of a two party country has failed. Failed because the left does not exist, because the so called reformist party, the Democratic Party, created and supported by a large part of the population (with millions of people voting at the time of its constitution, does not exist.

The two souls of the party, the centre-left reformist and atheist and the catholic, cannot work together. No way of fighting for social progress for individual rights, for women rights: the catholic, supported and inspired by the Church, will stop them. And the very left continues to live in its glorious isolation, with no voters and supporters but a handful of ideologists who do not understand how politics work in Italy.

On the other side, you have the right, Berlusconi who is nothing but a populist dictator, the so-called “former” fascists of Alleanza Nazionale, the real fascists of the Northern Leagues, and plenty of others who betrayed their old center left parties: they disagree, they have different agendas, but the hunger for power keeps them together. And Berlusconi keeps them together, giving each one of them a little every time they complain.

What a difference from the previous center-left government of Prodi where all parties kept fighting openly threatening every week to create a government crisis ! and led to the crisis and the third election of Berlusconi.

So, how is it that Berlusconi is more popular than Obama ? just because Obama is serious, because he takes decisions sometimes unpopular, because he does not hesitate to go against the conservative Christians. While Berlusconi, a real show-man, talks like a TV anchorman, says OK to all, says things that he contradicts with the facts but the press and television he controls, report only what he says, because he is a yes-man versus the Church. And the ignorance of the population, their thirst for money (many still say that if he manage d to become the richest man in Italy, he is certainly a great man), their only interest for showgirls and people magazines, support him.

How many understood what the Treasury just announced: a 4.1% decrease in GDP for 2009 ? how many, apart from those who are in that situation, realize that millions of people are losing jobs while Berlusconi’s TV makes millions ? how many understand his second wife who asks for a divorce instead of admiring the old guy who manages to be surrounded by young girls ?

Italy is for the birds. Berlusconi is here to remain. All what is left for me is to resist, to resist, to resist: the entire set-up will collapse with him. Let us be like a vulture: wait until the prey collapses…..

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