Saturday, June 27, 2009

Culture Berlusconi's way

One of the closest aides of Berlusconi is a certain Sandro Bondi. You can see him, and especially hear him on TV and radios, defending the PM even supporting his lies as it haèèened on the Noemi’s case (the minor whose 18th birthday was attended by his “papi” Berlusconi.

This guy is now Minister of culture. If you goto the site of the Ministry ( ) you will see that his “profession”, since 1989 has been “politician”. Major of a small village from 1989 to 1992 and then, since 1994, with Berlusconi’s party.

However, if you look at his CV in Wikipedia, ( ) yhou learn that he, very young, joined the Italian Communist party and that he had been major representing the Communist party. At that time people called him a “radish”, red outside but white inside.

But his almost 20 years in the Communist party are “omitted” from his official CV as a Berlusconi’s Minister. Not bad for someone in charge of culture. Possibly he learned how to hide the reality from his boss’ best friend Putin.

An ideal Minister, whose intellectual honesty is close to that of Ms. Gelmini, Minister of Education, who took temporary residence in southern Italy to pass the bar exam, too difficult for her in Milan, or that of Ms. Carfagna. Minister for equal opportunities, better known for the praise of Mr. Berlusconi about her “oral” skills (may-be her next campaign will be to give a chance to all Italianwomen to be fucked by Berlusconi), or Mr. Capezzone, who from 1993to 2007 was enrolled and even Secretary of the Radical Party and then migrated to Berlusconi’s party. Not to talk about all those condemned for Mafia and now in the Parliament thanks to Berlusconi.

Poor Italy……..


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