Friday, August 28, 2009

Berlusconi and al-Gaddafi

Indeed Berlusconi is very special even in the choice of his friends: GW, Putin, al-Gaddafi, escorts, well known Mafia members,....

Quite lonely in his choices, and possibly alone among the western "civilized" (but can Berlusconi's Italy still be called so ?) he will be in Libya for the 40th anniversary of the ascent to power of the Colonel.

Definitely, he will never learn from his other friend Sarkozy: had he followed the latter's example, instead of going to Tripoli he would have sent Noemi, his young friend, or one of his usual escorts. Sarko managed to get the Bulgarian nurses released by sending his former wife Cecilia, Berlusconi could have got some oil in exchange for Noemi.

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