Tuesday, September 1, 2009


To try to shut the only real opposition paper, La Repubblica, Berlusconi sues it because it asks questions which, in his view, indicate the answer (not positive for him….)

To try to shut up the international press, that gives more coverage to his mischiefs than the whole of the Italian press and television, controlled by him, he threatens to sue it.

To try to shut up the Italian bishops newspaper, L’Avvenire, very critical of him over the past few months, Berlusconi arranges for his main newspaper, Il Giornale, to attack its director using false documents. A signal to everybody who may still think to oppose him.

Mad at the EU that dares asking clarifications on the rejection to Libya of Eritrean and Somalis who would have been entitled to be considered for political asylum, Berlusconi threatens to block all the EU ministerial work.

He is so desperate that all what he is left with is blackmails. A mafia method, that of many of his friends and supportes……

Photo: www0.dfj.vd.ch

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