Monday, September 14, 2009

(mis)information Berlusconi's way

It is well known that since the beginning of social life, powerful people have liked, sometimes needed, servants kissing their ass. Berlusconi is not different. On the contrary, any attempt to criticize him is considered, by him and even more by his lackeys, as lese-majesty.

One of the worst lackeys of Berlusconi is a certain Bruno Vespa, someone whose attitude gives me the creeps, in all its negative meanings. Bishops and Cardinals are nothing as compared with him. Unfortunately we could not find any picture of him kissing Berlusconi’s ass but the one above should suffice to you to understand what I mean.

His sit-com, Porta-a porta, on the first channel of the public TV is at the same time of another sit-com, on the second channel od the public TV, called Ballarò, often critical of Berlusconi.

Now, soon Berlusconi will deliver the first houses to some of the people who lost their houses in the earthquake in Abruzzo. Indeed a fast delivery in absolute terms. So his creepy lackey decided to devote his sit-com to the event, to the glory of Berlusconi, of course.

Problem: there is the risk that people, bothered by such continuous servility towards the boss, may zap and stop on Ballarò, may be showing a different picture of the government’s achievements in L’Aquila. So how to please the Boss ? just by moving Ballarò to another date.

Information is good, misinformation is better in the Berlusconi’s kingdom, sorry dictatorship.

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