Monday, September 21, 2009


A couple of years ago, Mr. Berlusconi gratified me (and other 18 million Italians) by saying that all those who vote for the opposition are “COGLIONI” (assholes, literally male balls).

Last week, he defined TRICKSTERS all the opposition, and in particular the journalists who, according to him, conspire against the will of the Italians who elected him (and he says without proving it, still support him in the range of 68%)

Two days ago, his minister Brunetta, another former socialist converted to Berlusconism, stated that the opponents arean “ elite di merda” (elite made of shit) and deserve di “farsi ammazzare” (to be killed).

A few days ago he had defined the film-makers as “parasites…people who have never worked for the good of the country, on the contrary, they have never worked”. And so on and so forth against everybody but the good guys who work for Berlusconi.

Enthusiastic support by Mr. Bondi, a former communist now Berlusconi’s minister of culture (sic) and of a certain Capezzuto, a former radical now spokeperson for Berlusconi: they have to show that they are more royalists than the king.

So, I am pleased to advise you, dear readers, that I am FARABUTTO (trickster), and I have always ben so, “COGLIONE” (asshole), “DI MERDA” (made of shit). But I am not a “PUTTANIERE” (someone who goes with prostitutes like Berlusconi), nor a “VOLTAGABBANA” (a turncoat like his ministers)

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