Friday, September 25, 2009

UNESCO: good news

For years we got used to the absurdities of international politics:
- Cuba and Libya elected at the UN Human rights Commission, that same that was supposed to be a major reform by Kofi Annan;
- Islamic and African countries supporting the Sudanese dictator whose hands are full of blood;
- African countries electing el-Gaddafi as President of the African Union;
- the USA organizing coups in Chile and other Latin American countries;
- Russia occupying parts of Georgia (with the support of Mr. Berlusconi);
- the USA closing two eyes on the Israel colonization of occupied territories;
- French Presidents honouring African presidents like Bokassa and Bongo

And so on and so forth.

But two days ago, Ms. Bokova, a woman, former communist, was elected to lead UNESCO instead of Mr. Hosni, a male, Egyptian, who likes to burn books. This is really good news.

For the first time a woman will lead the world leading cultural institution. It was time. A male, representing a corrupt, but American supported, regime, an Islamist based on his declarations, is defeated. The reaction of the Egyptian and Arab countries to this defeat, and that of Mr. Hosni himself (the defeat was due to an anti-Islamic campaign lead by the USA) just confirm that the right choice was made.

At the same time, the long standing political control of France over UNESCO is gone. The French support of Hosni to help Sarkozy in its dying dream of a Mediterranean Union failed miserably, so the Italian foreign policy supportive of the Egyptian candidate in spite of his declared involvement in an Palestinian high-jacking of a cruise boat in the Mediterranean sea.

Regrettably, Obama’s USA continued to support Hosni, in spite of what the Egyptian Press says. So did the Africans, Islamic and Arab countries in the name of a wrongly conceived “blood alliance”.

It was a good start. Up to all of us to ensure it will continue.

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