Saturday, March 13, 2010


In 1969, with the first bombs in an Italian bank, in Milan started the “strategia della tensione” (tension strategy). Other bombs followed, a civilian plane was destroyed while flying on the Mediterranean sea, the former Prime Minister was assassinated by the Red Brigades although the Police knew where he was detained, a Masonic temple, P2 was plotting to take over power, extreme right wing attempted a coup, the judges leaders in the fighting of Mafia, Falcone and Borsellino, were killed by the Mafia etc.

Over the recent years, the situation calmed down although it was discovered that some sectors of the Secret Services had been performing illegal activities. Now, Berlusconi has been constantly increasing the tension with his behavior and attacks on the other constitutional powers trying to undermine the democratic checks and balances system.

With regional elections coming up, the tension has been increasing in particular due to the difficulties Berlusconi’s party is facing.

Late last year, Berlusconi popularity increased thanks to a crazy guy who attacked him. Now one Minister started mentioning risks of further attacks, the Police chief called for caution due to security risks. These warnings are source of concern. The unreliable sectors of the Secret services are still there and the right wing would benefit from a terrorist attack that the Govern, as in 1969 and subsequently, would attribute to the left in order to gain votes.

I do not say that Berlusconi would initiate such a terrorist action, although I think that he would be capable of it, nor that his party would. But it is a real possibility. And the left parties are unprepared.

Democracy is at risk in Italy, now more than ever.

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