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If you hear “Berlusconi” you know who he is. If you hear Ernesto Teodoro Moneta, you probably wonder who the hell he is.

You see the injustice ? Moneta got the Peace Nobel Prize in 1907, and you do not even know who he was. Berlusconi did not get it ! And you know him.

And they are so similar:

Teodoro Moneta “was a “militant pacifist” , a nationalistic internationalist, a deeply religious anticlerical propagandist, a crusader for physical fitness”. He was the editor of a newspaper (Il Secolo). He “was respected for his integrity”. Although “a practising Catholic, he permitted Il Secolo to adopt an anticlerical stance because he believed for many years that specific abuses among the clergy were impeding Italian unification and social progress” 1

Berlusconi is not really a pacifist since he sends troops to Iraq and Afghanistan following Bush bullshit reasons. He is indeed internationalist : he loves Putin and Kaddafi. And if he threatens to stop all the work of the EU, it is to strengthen it.

Difficult to define him as an anticlerical : he recently declared, in a letter to the Pope, that the “Christian values are always at the core of the Italian Government’s actions”.

Indeed Berlusconi has physical fitness : he fucks as much as he can, especially young girls on a priority basis but all the Italians as a matter of principle. There are plenty of ways of keeping fit, this is his way.

He is the editor, through his brother, of a newspaper. Not really independent from the Government nor anti-clerical. But it is a newspaper….

Integrity is not exactly his strong point, although his Minister of Justice would swear to the contrary. Corruption is no longer a crime in Italy, fucking minors who ask for it, with the parents’ blessing, neither, conflict of interest is a concept unknown in the country, so what ?

Now, why would Berlusconi deserve the Nobel Peace price ? Like, the website tells us, Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and Barack Obama ?

Because, if it had not been for Berlusconi, and his influence over his friend Putin, there would not have been a peace agreement between Russia and Georgia. The web site tells us that “if the Georgian crisis had not been positively resolved, there would have been a new cold war, with thousand of deaths. The beginning of a third wolrd war” (nothing less !)

It was also him, we learn, who convinced Obama and Medvedev to have the dialogue that lead to “the signature of the agreement for the reductions of nuclear weapons”.

Also, contrary to the views of the “left parties”, he sent Italian troops for Peace Missions and to fight terrorism. (they forget that such troops had been sent also with the support of the left)

He was also the main actor for the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Libya and the USA, we learn. And he re-established good relations with the democratic regime of Kaddafi, a few billion Euros helping it. As Kaddafi stated, we learn that it is thanks to Berlusconi that “Italy is the only colonial country that we cannot condemn since it purified itself from imperialist politics (sic)”.

And if the US managed to face the financial crisis, it is also because of him: it was upon the recommendation of Berlusconi that President Bush rescued the US banks with a 700 billion financing. Didn’t you know ?

And, still on the international scene, Italy, under Berlusconi’s leadership, would have contributed to stop Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, they say.

What more did Obama did ? Only words while here there are facts.

It is probably because there is no doubt that Berlusconi will get the Prize that no Ministers are listed among the supporters of the initiative. And that only seven regional Committees were created versus 21 Italian regions. His supporters seem so sure that he will get it that they do not even seem to maintain the sire any longer. But the site is great to show how many idiots you have in Italy…

Let us be confident in the wisdom of the members of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Committee….

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