Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Vatican and the foreign languages

We learn from Wikileaks that the Vgtican is weakened by the poor knowledge of English of many prelates and the fact that there seems to be only one person using the blackberry.

The real decadence. The language mostly spoken seems to be the Italian but in Europe this language is losing weight: the EY^U refused to include it among the languages for filing patents. Only English, normal, French, who else apart from France and Belgium speack such language, and German, the languiage on the principal patents applications source.

However the US diplomats forgot that Latin is the official language of the many US diplomats can undertake a conversation in Latin ? and does the Blòackberry have a Latin dictionnary ?

Finally, the non usage of the Blackberry, with its servers in Canada open to intrusion by the CIA and the FBI (this is known and it is official) may still mean that in the Vatican they know how to preserve secrets. Certainly bettere than the US Army and Department of State....


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