Friday, January 7, 2011

Algeria ?

(riots in Algeria 1/2011) (riots in Rome 12/2010)

There are riots in Algeria, since a few days. Apparently the youth that cannot find a job and rising prices.

We learned today from the distinguished Italian public radio correspondent that this is due to the fact that 20% of the young people are jobless.

Regrettably she does not seem to have read the statistics issued yesterday by the official Italian Statistical Office, ISTAT. Last November, in Italy, 29% of the young people were jobless. So if the youth is rioting in Algeria, what should it do in Italy ? But does Berlusconi read the official statistics instead of his very secretive polls he quotes about his level of popularity.

Just yesterday the Minister of Finance stated in Paris that the crisis is not over. And Berlusconi had a fit and got mad. Of course, since three years he states that there is no crisis, that crisis is created by left press and recently that the crisis is over.

These same days, FIAT, the largest private Italian conglomerate is imposing new rules to work relations. Workers are giving up what they fought for years to get. Often through violent strikes. They will give their rights up as they have no choice.

But what is the future in Italy with no jobs for the youth, less income and more working hours for workers, an endless crisis? Italy went through very difficult times in the 70ies with the Red Brigades. All conditions are present again to have such violence erupt again. And I would say that it is self defense.

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