Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Berlusconi and Craxi
There was a Prime Minister, socialist he called himself, named Craxi.

In 1984, as Prime Minister, he issued a decree to legalize the illegal operations of Berlusconi's televisions. The decree was approved in 1985 and we know what happened since then.

In 1985, he got concerned about the tensions between Algeria and Tunisia.

The Italian secret service, in consultation with the Libyan and Algerian authorities, identified a named Ben Ali as a possible solution to the growing crisis in Tunisia.

In 1987, with the help of the Italians, Ben Ali became president. Craxi was no longer a Minister but was the leader of a party member of the Government. According to many sources, and in particular the former chief of the Italian Secret Service, it was Craxi the main master of such coup d'état.

In 1991, it was discovered that he had received 20 billion liras (a hell of a lot of money then) on a secret account in Switzerland...

That was the tip of the iceberg of the corruption of the man who had elevated it to a system of government. But the justice, that same that Berlusconi now attacks, went after him.

In 1994, after demonstrations in the streets, harsh criticism in the press and a loss of parliamentary immunity, he escaped to Tunisia where he lived a luxurious life (thanks to the money he had collected illegally), under the protection of Ben Ali, until he dies in 2000.

During the recent Tunisian crisis, the TG1 (main news on public TV in Italy, directed by a servant, or better prostitute, of Berlusconi was broadcasting a service from its correspondent in Tunisia who was describing how corrupt, violent and anti-democratic was Ben Ali. Suddenly the broadcast was stopped for no reason (normally they apologize for technical problems). Shortly after, the same TG did broadcast an interview during which the interviewed person praised Ben Ali, what he had done the economic development of Tunisia and so on and so forth...

The person interviewed was the vice-minister for Foreign Affairs (and of course the Minister did not contradict her subsequently)

Her name: Stefania CRAXI. Craxi? Yes, the daughter of Bettino Craxi, the crook who helped Berlusconi.

A full circle....a shameful demonstration of the intellectual corruption, to say the least, of Berlusconi and his clique and of his Minister for Affaris, Frattini.



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