Monday, February 14, 2011

Today : poster 2

A number of women, archeo feminists, did not want to support the demonstration since they were afraid that we ould criticize the women who prostitute themselves with Berlusconi. They did not want women against women. So this poster "the true prostitutes of the power. Let us send them to Libya to play Bunga Bunga with the friend of the pimp".

Why Libya ? because Berlusconi pretends that he learned about it from his good friend Kadafi...

The pictures show: (from left to right top line first)

Mr. Bondi, Minister of culture (so he says)
Mr. Bossi, the leader of the Northern League, the most racist and vulgar political movement in Italy,the one who really holds Berlusconi by his balls since he can make his government fall.
Ms Carfagna Minister for equal opportunities (certainly not of all women versus Berlusconi), a useless position and minister.
Mr. Fede Journalist (so called), director of the news at a TV channel that belongs to Berlusconi, indicted as a purveyor of prostitutes and girls to Berlusconi.
(second row)
Mr. Gasparri A "former " hard line fascist who loves power so much that he is a strog ally of the separatist Northenr League. Well known for never missing an opportunity to shut up. Also well known for a law that gave Berlusconi's TV channels more power than any other channel.
Ms. Gelmini Useless and ignorant Minister of education, who messed up everything (of course, what does she know ?) in higher and lower education. Before the today's rallies, she declared that only a few "radical chic" (sic) women would attend. Would be interesting to hear how she will define the million and more people, including men, of all ages, who attended the rallies in more than 230 cities today.
Ms Prestigiacomo Minister of environment. Helps Berlusconi and his allies to destroy the Italian landscape.
Mr. Minzolini also known as "his master's voice", imposed by Berlusconi as director of the news at the main public TV channel. Famous for hiding information unpleasant for his boss, and for losing more than 1 million viewers in a few months, and for obtaining that more than 90% of his journalists vote againt him in a no confidence referendum.
(Third row)
Mr. Masi The public TV and radio CEO, appointed by Berlusconi with the mandate to transform public TV in a Berlusconi's propaganda tool (and leading the public service to a financial catastrophe, in the interest of his boss who owns almost all private TV channels).
Ms. Santanché S declared right wing fascist who, like Gasparri (see above) walks hand in hand with the Norther League. The most vulgar woman (worse than most men allso) in TV. Berlusconi's defence is her mission.
Nicole Minetti A dental nurse, indicted for purveying prostitutes to her boss, Berlusconi, elected with no known merit (but many suspect her private merits with the Boss) to the Regional parliament of Lombardia. Described as nude dancer by people who attended Bunga Bunga parties.
Mr Ferrara A former left wing politician (member of the Communist party) is now a strong supporter of Berlusconi. He recently organ ized a rally (500 people....) to support his boss: plenty of panties were hanging behind him. People say that he and Berlusconi are left with panties only.

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