Tuesday, November 1, 2011

USA and Palestine

So the Americans want to punish UNESCO because sovreign states, not the Organization, decided that it is time for Palestine to be considered as a State irrespective of what Israel and the Jewish American lobby think.

And once again US internal politics prevail over common sense.

Certainly, the right wing Republicans and the Democrats elected in areas with a strong Jewish constituency will celebrate.  But what do they celebrate ? the increasing loss of credibility of American Foreign Policy and influence ? Because that is the vote at UNESCO. Narrow minded blinded idiots.

In any case the US had left UNESCO once already in the past, and UNESCO survived very well. It will be the same this time, adding insult to injury to the US foreign policy (lead, do not forget, by Hillary Clinton whose Senate election depends upon the NY Jewsih vote).

The decline of the USA continues but they do not want to realize it. And Obama makes another big mistake....

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