Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Idiots XX : virile men yes, gays no.

Could these virile Northern League activists be GAY ?

The Northern League, a longtime ally of Berlusconi and co-responsible of the mess Italy is in, is the pure example of the ignorance prevailing in Italy mostly thanks to Berlusconi's televisions and educational (or better non educational) policies.

But they always claimed to be real MEN to the point that one of the main slogans of the leader has been "noi ce l'abbiamo duro" (we have it hard) indicative of the low IQ of the guy. If he is the leader, imagine the others....

But are Gays virile enough to be part of the Northern League?

Mr. Gobbo, Northern League major of Treviso, a little city in northern Italy, does not think so: "(...) I may not like the concept of a gay man, but everybody can have his identity." However he added that he "does not believe that a Gay could become the party leader due to the historic characteristic of virility of the League. (...) It would be against the history of the League."

I doubt any gay would ever have thought of joining the Northern Leagues, but now they know that they would not have there any political career prospect!

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