Monday, January 16, 2012

Idiots XXII : Coglione I°

There was a government in Italy.
It was supported by two parties, the so called PDL (Freedom Party led by a certain Berlusconi surrounded by corrupt and Mafiosi people) and the Lega Nord (Northern league led by an Idiot called Bossi surrounded by ignorant idiots).
In three years they managed to do nothing but laws to protect Berlusconi from being prosecuted and, as a compensation to Bossi and his troops, laws that would give more autonomy to the local administration of the Northern regions of Italy but de facto increased taxes.
Berlusconi used to fly State planes to go on holiday to his resort in Sardinia, taking with him, at taxpayers expenses, prostitutes and other courtesans.
Berlusconi used to arrange for red lights parties at home (nothing wrong, he is an adult) and girls and prostitutes  used to be carried around by official cars sometimes escorted by the Police. At taxpayers costs of course.
During Berlusconi’s/Northern League time, a General used an army plane to carry fresh fish to a mountain resort where he was hosting a private party.
The opposition complained judges started investigations but nobody in the Freedom Party nor in the Northern league ever raised any objections to such behavior, on the contrary, the General was elected MP in Berlusconi’s party. They defined the judges as  “communists” acting to overturn the Government.
Early January, a distinguished “coglione”, former Minister (yes) of Berlusconi’s government and one of the main leaders of the Northern League, a certain Calderoli, asked in the press about a party the current Prime Minister, Mr. Monti,  would have hosted in his residence for the 31st of December and who had paid for the costs. Regrettably he had never asked such questions with the former Prime Minister.
Monti gave a detailed explanation: the party was for his family who had traveled by train and stayed in an hotel at its own expenses. The food had been bought and cooked by his wife and the menu and the list of shops where she had bought the stuff was also provided.
It is sufficient to look at Calderoli’s face to see that he is not brilliant. But it is shameful that we had such a Coglione as Minister with a high salary paid by the few taxpayers you have in Italy. Calderoli gets the prize for the first Coglione of the year.
*Coglione = Assholesin Italian

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