Saturday, February 25, 2012


Once again today, Berlusconi will be acquitted for witness corruption charges.

A British lawyer, M. Mills, was already condemned for being bribed by Berlusconi for making false declarations. In other words, Berlusconi was already found guilty, indirectly.

He could not be judged at the same time as his lawyer, because of the many laws in his favor he made his Parliament approve, like in any Banana Republic. But now the trial arrives to an end.

The judgement is expected today. And it will be acquittal because the terms have expired, not because he is not guilty.

The terms have expired because of the laws he made the Parliament approve to shorten the terms and to declassify the crime of corruption. All laws in his favor only.

In other civilized countries, the terms expire if no trial has commenced. Once the trial has started, the terms do not expiry. Not in Italy. So if you are a politician or if you are rich, you can manage to pay good lawyers who know how to delay the judgement until the terms have expired.

B (like Banana or Berlusconi) republic.

What Berlusconi fears, however, is that the Tribunal will acquit him with a statement to the effect that although guilty he cannot be condemned due to the terms that have expired. He is scared to death and has kept issuing all kind of declarations these days.

Because there are other trials going on and this one can be the first of many where the judges state that he is guilty.

Let us see what will happen.....


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