Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Equal Opportunities

M.Carfagna, Italian Minister

Italian politics are sometimes amazing.

A few years ago, popular vote sent to Parliament Cicciolina, a famous pornostar, former wife of American artist Jeff Koons. But it was popular democratic vote.

Thanks to Berlusconi, the number of women ministers also increased: only difference is that nobody knows how he chooses them. No popular vote, no democratic process. He decides and the allies accept. Many have no or limited political experience/background except to be liked by Berlusca.

I referred to Ms. Gelmini in another article. Today, let us talk about Mara Carfagna, a former model, TV showgirl, with limited experience (started politics in 2004) in the Berlusconi's party as leader of the women's group. Was elected to Parliament in 2006 in Belrlusconi's lists. In 2008, everybody was surprised to see her appointed Minister for equal opportunities. To be fair, she graduated in Law with excellent marks and she was apparently a very hard worker.

In her new function, she declared herself antifeminist, stated that gays are "constitutionally sterile", and she refused to attend the gay pride parade since in Italy, according to her, gays are not discriminated.

There are rumours that Mr. Berlusconi got some "opportunities" with her. Since she is the Minister for equal opportunities, let me hope that I will have the same opportunity as M. Berlusconi.

Photo : http://www.repubblica.it/2006/08/gallerie/gente/mara-carfagna/4.html

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