Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Italian politically controlled television

Since years, people condemn the clear conflict of interests of Mr. Berlusconi who is at the same time Prime Minister, the richest Italian man, the owner of the main private TV channels (Mediaset) and, de facto, oversees public television. But for him and his allies, who are nothing but humble servants, everything is normal.

One also wonders how he can have a popular support “North Korean” style= he says 72% according to his own polls.

But there may be an explanation. Recent data published by the TV authority shows that:

- When Prodi was Prime Ministers, the TV news of the channels he controls, gave more airwave time to Berlusconi, and the opposition party, than to the PM.

- Now that their owner is Prime Minister, the airwave time given to him as PM increased to 63,3% while the opposition gets 16,7%. These are real North Korean data. And confirm the concerns of democrats about the future of democracy in Italy.

Source: La Repubblica 21 October 2008

Photo: www.fraudefiscale.fr

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