Monday, January 26, 2009

The Church antisemitism

Benedict XVI just pardoned the schismatic group of Cardinal Lefebvre who refuse the values of Vatican II. He did so the day before the anniversary of the announcement of Vatican II. A symbol.

A few days earlier, one of the bishops he reintegrated in the Church, had stated that he believed that the gas chambers had never existed and that only 300,000 Jews had been killed by the Nazis. The news of such statements did not prevent the Pope from announcing his decision : was there any urgency ? couldn’t he exclude such bishop from pardon ? The statement by the Pope’s spokesman that the pardon did not mean sharing the unacceptable bishop’s views does not matter. The fact is that he felt that the bishop had to be pardoned.

Such negationist statements are regularly prosecuted in the civil world. In fact just a couple of weeks ago, M. Le Pen, the leader of the fascist French party, was condemned for similar statements. Let us see whether the Pope will undertake an action.

Interesting , is also the fact that another of the pardoned bishops (they are four together) recently repeated the old catholic point of view that “the Jews killed Jesus”. But he was pardoned too.

Icing on the cake, the re-establishment of the Latin Mass, decided upon by Benedict XVI, included the (in)famous prayer of the Good Friday asking God to enlighten the Jews and have them converted to Catholicism. Not to talk about the Pope’s intention to sanctify Pius XII who kept silent in front of the nazi crimes and allowed the Church to protect them after the war (a chapter still to be uncovered).

Apart from the fact that all this is another sign of the going backwards imposed to the Church by Benedict XVI, this is going against the principle of freedom of religion promulgated by Vatican II and is indicative, in my view, of the basic anti-Semite thinking of this disgrace for civilization, Benedict XVI.

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