Sunday, January 25, 2009

Symbols: Obama and Benedict XVI

When Reagan, Clinton and GW signed the law forbidding (or re-establishing) the financing for UNFPA and family planning NGOs that do not exclude abortion, they did so on the anniversary date of the Supreme Courts decision to legalize abortion in the USA.

Obama just overturned GW’s decision. But, although he did so on the third day after he took power, he avoided confronting the pro-life movement and avoided signing it on the same anniversary date. No need to add insult to injury.

Yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI reinstated the conservative bishops excommunicated by his predecessor for being appointed outside of the rules of the Church. One of the main principles of such bishops is the negation of the decisions of Vatican II.

Pope Benedict XVI did so on the day before the anniversary of the calling of the Vatican II by John XXIII. Just to ensure that people understand that he himself is going back 50 years. We knew this but he added insult to injury and just confirmed that he is driving the Church to self-destruction. Thank you Benedict XVI

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