Saturday, September 12, 2009


People wonder how the Italians can stand Berlusconi, and even support him (but not to the extent he claims, mind you, percentages he invents and nobody can verify).

Think at this. An (in)famous TV showman who has been on Italian TV for 50 more years and introduced (in)famous games just died. He is just a showman. But the Italian Government decided to grant him a State funeral. And the Prime Minister, Mr. Berlusconi, will attend (and conveniently avoid the opening ceremony of the Bari fair where a demonstration against him was being organised). And the main Italian news programme will broadcast the ceremony live…. A convenient compassion by Berlusconi who will show how good he is to the Italian stupid masses and avoid being challenged.

This is Berlusconi’s Italy, what he managed to do of the (little if any)brain of the Italians with his televisions.

So no wonder we still have him as prime minister.


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