Wednesday, November 25, 2009


A major issue in Italy now is that the European Supreme Court of Justice ruled that the crucifix should not be exposed in public areas such as school classes, tribunals, police stations etc. It would seem logical allover the world (may-be with the exception of Muslim countries).

But not in Italy, of course. So we were faced with all the right wing politicians, from Berlusconi to former fascists to the current fascists of the Northern League for whom Catholicism is at the root of their invented northern Italy civilization to the Church of course.

And some majors issued instructions to ensure that the crucifix is well exposed in all school classes.

The most ludicrous of such decrees was issued by M. Francesco di Giorgio, major of a small village near Palermo (Chiusa Sclafani) a representataive of Berlusconi’s party. It is well known that in that area there are no major problems. May-be some Mafia but….all Mafiosi love God and its Holy Mother Church…And it is known that Mafia controls elections. And Berlusconi is surrounded by friends condemned for Mafia.

So Mr. di Giorgio issued a decree ordering that “ the crucifix should remain in all class rooms and offices of the municipality, as an expression of the fundamental civil and cultural values of the Italian Republic”. “Within two weeks city police officers will ensure that such decree is observed and those who do not comply will be finned 500€ (750 $)”.

Well ahead of the 15 day limit, city police visited the public school. All class rooms had the mandatory crucifix. But…none was found in the office of the Director. And she will be fined 500€….

Hopefully these will then be used to finance the school since, for the past two years, the municipality, lead by the pious di Giorgio, did not pay to the school the money it must, by law, for the operations of the school.

An idiot is an idiot is an idiot. And Berlusconi’s party idiots are more idiots than the others.

Picture: Major di Giorgio, from the Chiusa Sclafani web site

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