Monday, November 9, 2009


Twenty years ago fell the Berlin wall and the iron curtain ended da facto. It was the end of Yalta, a new beginning for Europe, a period of hope and difficulties for many workers of the former Communist Europe.

Not enough is being said however, these days, of the opposition to a unified Germany that came from many western politicians, France and UK in particular, afraid of losing their petty interests and an anachronistic political advantages inherited from the second WW they still try to protect.

The world always had walls: Troy, China, the middle age castles in Europe, the New York virtual “wall” (as the east side 97th street was called, south the white and the wealth, north the coloured and poor),….

Today, when people celebrate the fall of the Berlin wall, we still have walls being built: in Italy, in the North East controlled by Berlusconi’s fascist allies of the Northern League to expel Roms, in the USA to limit the arrival of illegal Mexicans and Latino immigrants, and in Israel.

The last is the main scandal of the recent years, cutting villages, depriving Palestinian peasants from the land they cultivated for centuries, destroying olive trees plantations, the peace symbols, for a so called security of colons who occupy Palestinian land since the end of the second WW.

Gaza is now a big concentration camp, with no freedom of movement for its population, deprived of vital water (as demonstrated recently by Amnesty International), with a wall like the iron curtain or the Berlin wall.

How many people who celebrate today in Berlin, think of the Israeli’s wall ? but all walls fall and this one will fall too. Let us not forget that the Berlin Wall was the last resort for East Germany to try to stay afloat. It is the same for Israel: they cannot win against a people’s war. Nobody ever did, neither the French in Algeria and Indochina, nor the Russians in Afghanistan, nor the Americans in Vietnam. And NATO is not succeeding either in Afghanistan not to talk about Iraq.

The Israelis act like ostriches ignoring the reality: they cannot win over the Palestinians and one day, not too far away, even the Jewish lobby in the US, the main support for the survival of Israel, will fade.

Twenty more years ? possibly less. Let us not forget and let us wait. History continues.


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