Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Icing on the cake for Berlusconi

The “attack” against Berlusconi could not have come at a better time for him and his clique. The real icing on the cake.

It arrives at a time when Berlusconi’s star was fading, when his continuous manipulation of the law to avoid trials, his family affairs, and his links with the Mafia, known since tens of years, were putting him against the wall, finally.

Now, thanks to the attack, he is a victim, although he is the one who created the violent political climate the Italian President, just before the incident, was trying to defuse.

He had just attacked the President, the most respected politician in the country, the Constitutional court judges, and the judges at large, all communists according to him, and of course the Press and the public television he controls.

But contrary to what officially his party was preaching, what even the Pope (usual interference with the Italian politics !) had asked for, the cooling down of the political debate, his lieutenants have today worsened it.

As usual, it is another those who changed side (Berlusconi’s party is full of these who jumped on the winning wagon, see for example in this blog “Culture Berlusconi’s way”) was the originator, a certain Fabrizio Cicchitto, a former left wing socialist, who, after almost thirty years in politics, suddenly, in 1999, became a supporter of Berlusconi. True that, like Berlusconi, he had been a member of an infamous right wing secret Masonic lodge, the P2, that conspired against the democracy. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabrizio_Cicchitto).

Today, in Parliament, he attacked the press, political opponents, a press group that has been critical of Berlusconi (L’Espresso belonging to a “Jew” who recently also took the Swiss nationality as a sign of thanks to a country that had saved part of his family and for that he is now being quoted as “a foreign editor”) in an extremely violent manner.

Now the Government is after the Internet (that usual scapegoat) and will pass laws to limit free speech both on the Web and in the streets, limiting even further freedom in the country. And the manipulation of the information, already very high through the control Berlusconi has of practically 95% of television channels will continue. It already started, with Facebook groups created for various purposes such as the support for the earthquake victims and whose purpose was modified overnight in pro-Berlusconi groups without the knowledge nor consent of the friends of the group. Another indication of what freedom means for Berlusconi’s party and for himself : freedom of supporting the Prime Minister.

Italian democracy is in danger, if not almost dead. It is not a joke, it is a tragedy. And the recent attack against Berlusconi may be the icing on the cake for him to create a real dictatorship under the excuse of the vote of the majority of the Italians, which was not even the case.

When will finally European leaders react ? they did when the extreme right took power in Austria. But very little time is left before Italy is condemned to be a “real democracy” like Russia, as Berlusconi often says referring to the achievements of his friend Putin.

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