Friday, February 19, 2010


Berlusconi and Bertolaso (see last two posts) , B&B like Beagle Boys.

Berlusconi does not steal money. But he robs the Italians by strengthening his Media empire through laws made to order to protect them and destroy incrementally public TV. And he robs the Italians of democracy by undermining all checks and balances on his government.

Bertolaso does not seem to have stolen money, so far. But it appears clear that he has robbed the Italians by giving without any control hundreds of million of Euros worth of contracts to a small gang of friends, some linked to organized crime. Did he do all this for free ? this is what he pretends. But can we trust someone who is the right hand of Berlusconi in his policy of “doing” ? Wait and see.

In any case together, with their accomplices, B&B are the real Beagle Boys

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