Thursday, February 18, 2010


The world recently discovered Mr. Bertolaso, the alter ego of Berlusconi, his accomplice in the “doing” opposite to the “talking”. The Italians have known him since a long time, unfortunately.

Whenever there is a lot of money involved, public money, the two accomplices “did” things. The “miracle” of L’Aquila, the city destroyed by the earth quake, is Bertolaso’s doing. So the alleged resolution of the garbage emergency in Napoli. Hundreds of million of Euros spent without any control: not even the Corte dei Conti (the equivalent of the US GAO) can look into how the money is spent. And the “emergency commissary”, Bertolaso, cannot be indicted, not even investigated.

So sure of himself, he went to Haiti to criticize the US rescue intervention. Possibly jealous of all what Cheney had done in Iraq, without any control: Bertolaso would love to have all the money Cheney had.

But since a few days, the situation of the “Berlusconi’s hero” is changing: judges and people want to know more about how the public money was spent. During a long investigation, the judges and the police discovered quite a lot of illegal business. Mostly through wiretapping. Funny things including prostitutes who were apparently provided to Bertolaso as a favour .

So what does Berlusconi ? guess !

He declares that Bertolaso should be the Prime Minister and that legal wiretapping under judicial control should be limited when not suppressed.

This is Berlusconi, this is his logic, this is Italy who will vote for him at the end of March….

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