Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today, during a press conference, but only a few journalists were given the floor, MUGABERLU* gave his own minute by minute account of what happened when his party submitted the list that was eventually rejected for the regional elections in Latium.

Funnily enough, his account differs from what his own staff had stated after the facts, even in front of televisions ( “I had gone to buy a sandwich” the guy had stated among others). And from what the police forces and judges had stated. But MUGABERLU did not care. He had to say his own version and had already arranged with the public TV channel 1, the Master’s voice, for them to show an animation of his account, almost on real time! And for sure his own TV channels will do the same so that the majority of the population that does not read newspapers will have his version only.

MUGABERLU tried to convince us that it was all the fault of judges, all communists and Talibans, as he said recently. He tried hard to show the judges as weapons of mass destruction of the Italian democracy, following what Colin Powel had done to justify the Iraq war.

Colin Powel was successful, but we know now that he was lying. MUGABERLU was not so convincing, and everybody knows that in any case he is a liar. We did not forget, as an example, the lies he had said about his young girl friend….

Long live to the Italian weapons of mass destruction !


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