Saturday, January 21, 2012


Andrew Adler, owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Time wrote in a recent editorial:

"Three, give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States' policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.
Yes, you read "three" correctly. Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel's existence. Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don't you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel's most inner circles?"

The other two options to protect Israel from Hamas and Hezbollah would be: 1. attack Hezbollah and Hamas; 2. "order the destruction of Iran's nuclear facilities at all costs;"

Who is a terrorist? Some Jewish extremists such as Andrew Adler or Mahmoud Abbas?

Take an Adler, add a Gingrich and we are in a real shit. In a way, better for the USA to be isolationists and drop Europe and Israel and the Middle East. The world will be safer.

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