Tuesday, February 7, 2012


All Italians knew that there would be a storm that would hit the South of Italy after hitting hard the North. All but a few in Rome who do not seem to read the weather forecasts.

So Rome, as usual, was a mess, people got stuck, and the Municipality did not do anything.

The Mayor, Alemanno, a fascist married with the daughter of a nasty post war fascist, Rauti, discovered that it had been snowing for the past 12 hours....No salt for the roads, no blades, no nothing.

So remnant of his idol, Mussolini, who distributed shovels to stupid Italians going to civilize Ethiopia, he did not find any other solution to the crisis than distributing 4000 shovels to the Romans so that they could dig by themselves....

To be a post-war fascist is already showing that one is an idiot. But this time Alemanno went beyond any expectation of stupidity.

He dreams to be re-elected mayor. His ally Berlusconi dreams to become Italian President.

Two dangerous idiots..........

Picture: blitzquotidiano.it

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