Monday, January 16, 2012

Idiots XXIV : dangerous idiot I°

Newspapers invent everything when they write about Hungary. They say that there is crisis, that they will soon be in default, that they do not know how to handle the economy. If you read the International Press you imagine that the Government is fully occupied in resolving the crisis.

This is all propaganda by jealous atheists.

Everything is fine, so fine that the Government can address more urgent issues: the future of Hungarian canine breeds.

The Government in fact recently introduced a tax on dogs. Nothing special, many countries starting from Switzerland, have one. But...

The owners of dogs of Hungarian breed, with a certified pedigree, will be exempted from paying the tax. Charity starts at home. May be however it is just a measure to face the crisis: since soon Hungarians will have no money to buy food, they may start eating dogs so that they save on taxes and dog food. They may refrain from doing so if they pay no taxes on Hungarian dogs, so the bright Orbàn tries to protect them.

We did not need this info to know that Orbàn is an idiot. This is just a confirmation. No wonder Berlusconi loves him


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