Thursday, January 19, 2012


The many connections of Berlusconi with Mafiosi are well known, including with people already condemned for mafia crimes or support.
The myth that Mafia and Co is only in the South of Italy, claimed by the PDL, Berlusconi’s party, and the Northern League is dismissed daily by arrests, indictments etc. in norhern cities controlled by the Bossi/Berlusconi  right wing coalition.
The support for Mafia indicted by these two leaders and parties was confirmed last week with their refusal to allow the arrest requested by the judges of Mr. Cosentino, indicted for Mafia for the third time, former vice-minister in Berlusconi’s last government and current formal leader of the PDL in the Campania region.
Yesterday another confirmation of such support.
Roberto Saviano, the author who so eloquently described how the Ndrangheta (Naples’ mafia) operates and who is now obliged to be protected by the police, was being given the honorary citizenship of Milan, a decision taken by the former Mayor, Moratti who was the major of the PDL and the Northern league.
And the Northern League and the PDL deserted the ceremony…
SHAME ON CARLO MASSEROLI, PDL Pdl leader at Milan city council and on DAVIDE BONI, Northern Leagues president of the Lombardy Regional Assembly.

How can Italy get rid of Mafia with such supporters of criminals ?

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