Thursday, February 16, 2012

About corruption

"Illegality, corruption and crooks are still very much a reality in the country" stated yesterday the Italian GAO President Giampaolino. And this 20 years after the scandal of Mani Pulite (clean hands) exploded and Craxi, then Prime Minister, Berlusconi's protector, had to leave Italy in voluntary exile in Tunisia, after stating that what he had done was the norm.

Until he died, Craxi was protected by Ben Ali, the well reputed Tunisian President.  In a prior blog  I described the attitude of former Berlusconi's under-secretary for Foreign Affairs who had praised Ben Ali while he was being kicked out by the Tunisians: her name was Stefania Craxi, the daughter of the CROOK by excellence.

The same day the GAO President makes public his concerns, she does not find anything better than to state that the "Clean Hands" investigations that brought to light the extensive corruption of the Political class in Italy, in fact created major damages to the country leading to a "civic and moral decay" of Italy.

She really has no shame, possibly because she regrets not having had the possibility of getting as rich as her father through corruption. And she was a distinguished representative of Berlusconi's government...

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