Friday, February 10, 2012


Thousands of Syrians are being killed by Bashar el-Assad army with Russian weapons.

UNICEF estimates at 400 the children killed this past month.

Torture, also to kids, is common, possibly done following the training given by Russian instructors.

But Russia and China oppose any UN resolution on Syria. Of course they do it because they cannot imagine internal opposition. But also their leaders are afraid for their own power.

Putin and Hu Jintao are as guilty as el.Assad. They are criminals, so are Medvedev and Lavrov. Without their support, el.Assad would have already been overthrown.

They should be indicted for murders and crimes against humanity.

The only positive thing is that Arab masses now understand who they are and that by helping killing thousands of Syrians, they just accelerate the decline of their influence on the Mediterranean, Arab and African areas.

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