Saturday, February 25, 2012


About 15 years ago I discovered with amazement that in the USA it was a "crime" to breast feed in public. I think that it is only 15 years ago that a law had to be approved in NY State declaring that breast feeding was not obscene. At around that time a grand ma had been arrested and fine by NY Police because her 4 year old grandson was peeing in the Park.
Now a read about the oDESK, the FACEBOOK publishing policy. And I read about what happened to an Italian who, to illustrate his post, had posted the picture of a black woman breast feeding a white  child. That post and picture were suppressed by Facebook and the user's profile had been suspended.
I remember the "scandal" of an ad by Benetton where with black hands over the nude breast of a white woman.
Nothing would have happened had they been black hands on a black nude breast or white hands on a white nude breast. But mixing races was not acceptable in Italy.
Was Facebook bigotry due to the different skin color of the baby and woman, or to the nude breast or both ? Whatever, idiots they are and idiots they remain.
What is even more idiotic is that the baby was clearly not white but a black albino. But this is too difficult to understand for idiots.

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