Sunday, February 26, 2012

And it happened: Berlusconi was not condemned

So you have a crime that was ascertained: a rich man had bribed a witness to influence his depositions. The person bribed was condemned. The corrupter was not.
The condemned one was one of Berlusconi's lawyers. The corrupter was Berlusconi.
The Tribunal had the choice of acquitting Berlusconi or of declaring that the terms for judging the crime had expired.
The Tribunal chose the second option an indirect way to declare that it had found Berlusconi guilty but could not condemn him due to the terms that had expired. Why so ? because of the laws Berlusconi had promulgated to reduce the terms for judging certain crimes and because his lawyers successfully managed to delay the proceedings.

But Belrusconi was found guilty ! He escaped once more but we will get him with other pending trials.


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