Sunday, March 25, 2012


Berlusconi was used to carry girls (and more) on the State planes. More or less secretively.

It has just been discovered that, disguised as a priest with black gown, he was an illegal passenger in Pope's plane flying to Latin America.

From there, with a private plane (to save money he travelled on the return flight of cocaine smugglers who had just delivered it to the Pope's assistants who needed some strength for the tiring trip), he flew to Brazil where he...became a transsexual. He then went to Cuba, disguised as a nun with a blond wig, to join again the Pope's party to return to Iyaly....

In Italy, he left his party group in the Parliament, to join the independents as a woman and gays and  transsexual rights activist.

Why all this ? Because Napolitano has just suggested that his successor be a woman. Berlusconi always wanted to be the next president so he will be a president, half man and half woman, before the successor a 100% woman.

Gender revolution is great but it must be done step by step.....

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