Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thank you Donald Duck

So Donald (Tusk) Duck, the Polish Prime Minister, refosed to meet with Mr. Hollande, the likely future French President.

This follows refusals by Ms Merkel, Mr, Monti, Mr, Cameron and Mr. Rajoy.

A German magazine, normally well informed, Der Spiegel, disclosed that the European conservative leaders had agreed to boycott Mr. Hollande too araid of losing that idiot of Sarkozy, a poor and not humble slave of Ms. Merkel.

That was of course formally denied. Nobody did believe it but...But when Donald Duck did the same, idiot as usual, the facts were confermed.

They are idoits. Because nobody would accept foreign countries to interfere with national elections. Especially the French. Som pleas Donald Duck and others continue like that. Let help us to get rid of that idiot of Sarkozy.

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