Sunday, January 25, 2009

Berlusconi's jokes

These days, Berlusca is often in Sardinia for the local elections to support his candidate in the local elections. And as usual he makes jokes his admirers appreciate. Let us see their (the admirers) level by looking at the last two jokes.
“Do you know the latest joke on Jews ? (sic!).

The chief of an overcrowded concentration camp talks to the Jews prisoners.

“I have news for you, one good and one bad.
The good is that half of you will go to another camp.”

Prisoners applauded.

“The bad is that the upper half of you will remain here while the lower half will go to the other camp”.

Any comment dear readers (if you believe a Prime Minister can talk as such) ?

Berlusconi and his allies won the elections last year also and possibly primarily on alleged racist security issues. And the first measure was to send 3000 soldiers to patrol streets….while there were already almost 500,000 security forces. Just propaganda. But it worked with the public opinion although in the meantime he cut 500 million Euros from their budgets..

As expected however, this measure did not help and security has not improved. Regrettably, since the beginning of 2009 there have been, among others, a lot of rapes.

So yesterday he had to refer to it. He first announced that he will put an additional 30,000 soldiers in the streets. And he added:

“In order t avoid rapes, we would have to put one soldier next to all beautiful Italian women, and I am afraid that we will never have the necessary resources for it”. Then, to justify himself, and adding insult to injury, he stated: “Mine was a compliment to Italian girls who are millions. I think that always, on all occasions one lightens and humorism are necessary”. OK; let us joke about rape, a light injury to women.

This is the Italian Prime Minister. And the Italians (less than 50% though, finally) still love him. Will Italian women start realizing who is really is ?

Photo : (raped Pakistani women) ; (Berlusca’s jokes)

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