Thursday, February 9, 2012


Football. They continue to call it sport, in spite of supporters killed in riots, doping, corruption scandals, disgustingly high level salaries, bankruptcies due to the inability of so called managers, The latest death of almost 89 people in Egypt is simply an additional example of what football is.

But, thanks to an Egyptian Salafist Imam, I became a football supporter. The Cheick Abdul Monein al-Shahat from Alnur near Alexandria stated that football is forbidden by Islam (another thing forbidden...) because the people who died were not engaged on the way of God. They were just having fun, and this distracts the Muslims from loving God. According to him, only three sports are allowed by Islam: swimming, horse riding and javelin throwing.

He made such declaration just during the African Cup: will Muslim players withdraw? And Muslim countries withdraw their teams? Let us see.

Sad that such people are given credit and listened to. True that if you listen to the Tea Party, it is not much better in the USA. Not to talk about the Republican presidential candidates. The world is getting every day more shitty thanks to religions, sad to say.

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